Fighting Wage Theft in Santa Clara County!

may day march

Over the past year, Justice at Work Law Group has fought alongside with the Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition.  The Coalition is comprised of community organizations, non-profits and advocates who seek to ensure that the workers who get wage judgments in their favor are actually paid.

A lot of progress was made over the last year, particularly with the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.  The Board has adopted new practices that requires vendors who respond to the Board’s Requests for Proposals to disclose any wage judgment that they have against them.  If there are any, the vendors must promise to take the steps necessary to satisfy those judgments.  Vendors who fail to disclose any wage judgments against them, or fail to take appropriate steps to satisfy those judgments, jeopardize the contracts they have with Santa Clara County.

Aside from working with our elected representatives though, we have mobilized the community against wage theft because it is a practice that hurts workers trying to care for themselves and their families, and honest businesses that comply with the law.  Right now, the most egregious wage theft violator that Justice at Work has come across so far is CRAZY BUFFET in Sunnyvale.

Crazy Buffet has TWENTY-ONE judgments against it from the past ten years.  They have failed to satisfy these judgments, and refuse to pay what they owe.  A judgment is only obtained after a worker presents evidence of unpaid wages and the Labor Commissioner or Court rules for the worker, so there is no doubt that these wages are owed.

Justice at Work continues to fight alongside the Wage Theft Coalition, and invites all who will not stand for these wrongs to join us.  We will rally against CRAZY BUFFET in Sunnyvale on Saturday, January 24, 2015 from 11:30am to 1pm.  FIGHT WAGE THEFT!

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