The Reality of Wage Theft


What does justice mean if low wage workers can go to Court or the Labor Commission and win, but cannot collect?  That is no justice at all.

NBC recently did a story on wage theft, and based on their research, workers lost over a QUARTER BILLION  DOLLARS in wages since 2010.  Those are all amounts confirmed through judgments issued by California courts or the Labor Commission.  Even the progressive Bay Area has workers suffering from wage theft.  $81 million of the quarter billion comes from the Bay Area.

Crazy Buffet – the poster child of wage theft in Santa Clara County – is the fourth largest violator in the Bay Area.  You can find the NBC report here.

Our Firm stands firmly with the Wage Theft Coalition.  We have been an active member of this Coalition by lobbying Santa Clara County and the City of San Jose to enact strong measures punishing employers who are found guilty of wage theft, but still refuse to pay.  We have also participated in actions against Crazy Buffet, and will still continue to do so.

If you want to be a part of the efforts to stop wage theft in Santa Clara County, please let us know.  The Coalition grows stronger by the week as our communities become more and more aware of the conditions that low-wage workers in Santa Clara County must endure.

Wage theft is a crime!  #StopWageTheft

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