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Immigrants are the backbone of America.  Immigrants come here to find success for themselves and those they love.  In doing so, they make our country stronger and better.  Immigrants have found many ways to succeed including starting their own businesses and developing promising careers through hard work and dedication.

Disputes at work primarily occur because of an ignorance of the law or not appreciating the exposure that is caused by not complying with minimum wage and overtime laws.  These disputes can restrict the ability of the employer and the employee to be successful.  While we see case after case of worker exploitation, most cases occur because an employer simply did not know any better.

Justice at Work Law Group seeks to work proactively with small businesses to prevent such disputes from occurring.  We also help to resolve these disputes with employees and their representatives when mistakes have been made.

Justice at Work Law Group also seeks to stand by and stand up for workers who are being taken advantage of in how they were paid or who have been injured at work and need legal assistance.

Our approach to representing owners is simple.  There is no secret formula or way to game the legal system.  If you have been sued, you need an advocate that can aggressively resolve the problem.  You also need someone on your side that will not expose you to exaggerated, bogus or claims that overreach.  At the same time, we will not sugar coat your problems.  We will seek to resolve your problem in a cost effective manner.  We will not let you get pushed around and will vigorously defend you.

Our approach to representing workers is simple.  We work for you.  We are hired to resolve your case and not to teach anyone a lesson.  Justice is not retribution.  We will determine the issues in your case, its value, and stand by your side and fight until you are offered a fair settlement.  If not, we will fight for your rights through trial.

We represent employers in hourly pay arrangements.

We represent workers in contingency matters.  If you do not prevail, we will not charge you any moneys for our fees or costs invested.